Highest Quality

California Organically Grown 

  •  Pesticide Free
  • ​Trimmed 
  • ​100% Compliant (Will Ship Anywhere)
  • ​0% THC FREE
  • ​3.5 g - $31.97
  • ​7 g - $57.97
  • ​14 g - $87.97
  • ​1 oz - $149.97
  • ​4 oz - $349.97
  • ​1 lb - $849.97

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"I love CBG! The product is great. I feel more focused & can regulate my moods better. I used to have social anxiety and this has also helped me feel more comfortable in crowds. I'm relaxed, I feel happy and able to manage my stress." 

Sarah R.

"WOW!  This Hemp Taste Great! 

Brian S.

"I never thought I would enjoy smoking Hemp. To be honest, I didn't think it could even be smoked! I thought it was just for making rope. It's great knowing I'm smoking legal CBG vs THC. I don't like the brain fog that THC creates for me and this is 100% THC FREE! "

Cherie V.

Why CBG Is Good!

The Benefits of CBG!

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